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Roanoke staff holding kitten


We are always accepting resumes from committed and compassionate veterinary professionals. If you are looking for a collaborative environment that nurtures and encourages growth, please submit your resume to [email protected]! We are an equal opportunity employer that strives to create a welcoming environment for employees and patients alike.

Kennel Tech

Are you looking for a challenge in your life? Do you want a job that will help you get physically fit, test your patience, and help you become immune to loud noises and noxious smells? Build your reflex response and open your heart? Well, do we have a job for you.

Our Kennel Techs are responsible for caring for all of our boarding, grooming, and hospitalized patients as well as helping our Vet Techs and Doctors. You will walk up to 80 dogs multiple times a day, care for up to 12 cats, clean up poop and vomit, do more laundry than you could imagine, take out the trash, clean up messes, and hear your name called a bazillion times a day. Did we mention this job was hard? 

Our Kennel Techs also help our technicians and doctors treat patients (you will learn valuable Vet Tech skills), you will be responsible for watching for the first signs that one of our borders isn't feeling well, and you will come to love our patients and borders, and you will be appreciated and supported by all of our staff. You will have one of the hardest jobs in our clinic and you will be one of the most appreciated.

Kennel Tech Job Description